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UnB offers to institucional visitors the possiblity to obtain a room in one of the transit Apartments in Colina. If you need more Information please contact Mr. Daniel Valle de Lima by the following e-mail The daily allowance of each room is approximatelly US$ 5,00. However, the reservation should be done as soon as possible due to the limited availability of rooms.

Hotels in the City

Address: Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Quadra 01, Bloco F, Área especial A – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF
Address: Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Área Especial A, Quadra 1 Bloco B – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF
Address: SHN (Setor Hoteleiro Norte) Quadra 05 Bloco D – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF
Address: Setor Hoteleito Norte, Quadra 5 Bloco G – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF


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