About the city

Brasília, the capital of Brazil and the seat of government of the Distrito Federal, is a planned city. Inaugurated in 1960 in the Central Highlands of Brazil, it is a masterpiece of modernist architecture listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts architecture aficionados worldwide. Brasilia is also an important transportation hub for travel within Brazil. 


Rejane Saraiva travel agency is the official travel agency of WCNPS 2017. Click here to access the agency’s website. There are several hotels near the event. The following are a few suggestions.

1) Chapada Imperial - 50 km from Brasília

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Full day tour / Lunch included
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Chapada Imperial is the largest private environmental reservation in the Federal District, with 4,800 hectares. It is located 50 km from Brasília in the Cafuringa Environmental Protection Area. The reservation, preserved since 1986, has waterfalls, natural pools and some caves over a billion years old. Touring the Dois Irmãos creek, which runs along the canal formed by cracks downhill, is special. In the region it is possible to see typical animals of the Cerrado, such as onça (jaguar), lobo-guará (maned wolf), tamanduá-bandeira (anteater) and tatu-canastra (giant armadillo).

2) Tour in Brasilia

4 hours tour / Contact direct in Agency
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Points of visit: Panoramic for photos: JK Memorial, National Congress, Cathedral, National Museum, JK Bridge and Palácio da Alvorada.

3) Pirinópolis

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Pirenópolis is a town located in the Brazilian state of Goiás. It is well known for its waterfalls and colonial architecture, and a popular festival involving mounted horses called Festa do Divino Espírito Santo which takes place 45 days after Easter.


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