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Final Program

Time Thursday, November 16
08:00-09:00 amRegistration
09:00-09:30 amConference Opening
09:30-10:00 amSome Research Topics on Power System Dynamics and New Challenges
Dr. Nelson Martins, Electrical Energy Research Center - CEPEL
10:00-10:30 amSmall Satellite Based Missions for the Brazilian Aerospace Program
Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto Gurgel Veras, Brazilian Space Agency - AEB
10:30-11:00 am Coffee Break
11:00-11:30 amSpace Division Multiplexing in Future Optical Communications Systems
Prof. Dr. Darli Augusto de Arruda Mello, University of Campinas - UNICAMP
11:30-12:00 am The Watchful Sleep Mode: An ITU-T Standard for Energy Efficiency in Passive Optical Networks
Prof. Dr. Divanilson Rodrigo de Sousa Campelo, Federal University of Pernambuco - UFPE
12:00-12:30 amOperation Challenges of Large-Scale Electric Systems in the Face of New Scenarios of Generation, Transmission and Different Types of Load
Dr. João Odilon Freitas e Silva, National Electrical System Operator - ONS
12:30 am-02:00 pmLunch
02:00-02:30 amThe Multiport Communication Theory
Prof. Dr. Josef A. Nossek, Technical University of Munich - TUM
02:30-03:00 pmFrequency and Polarization Selectivity of Graphene Strip Gratings in the THz Range: Surface Plasmon Resonances and Effect of Dielectric Substrate.
Dr. Alexander I. Nosich, Laboratory of Micro and Nano Optics, IRE NASU, Kharkiv, Ukraine
03:00-03:30 pmObject-Based Coding of Multi-Track Audio
Dr. Stanislaw Gorlow, Dolby Sweden
03:30-04:00 pm Coffee Break
04:00-04:30 pmNon-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Networks
Prof. Dr. Daniel Benevides, Federal University of Ceara
04:30-05:00 pmCompressive Sensing Approach for Fast Antenna Measurement
Dr. Benjamin Fuchs, Université de Rennes 1 - IETR, Rennes, France
TimeFriday, November 17
09:00-09:30 amChallenges Regarding IoT security
Dr. Robson de Oliveira Albuquerque, Brazilian Intelligence Agency-ABIN
09:30-10:00 amSpacecraft Systems Engineering and Integration: ExoMars 2020
Dr. Konrad Nieradka, OHB System
10:00-10:30 amRadio Based Positioning in 5G Networks and Beyond
Msc. Marco Marinho, Halmstad University - HH
10:30-11:00 amCoffee Break
11:00-11:30 amProtection for Smart Grids
Prof. Dr. Flávio Bezerra Costa, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN

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12:30-12:50 pm
Session on Power Systems I

Busbar Differential Protection based on Generalized Alpha plane

Rômulo Gonçalves Bainy (UnB) and Kleber Melo e Silva (UnB)

Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Power Transformer Differential Protection

Larissa Peres (UnB) and Kleber Melo e Silva (UnB)

Holomorphic Embedding Approach as an Alternative Method for Solving The Power Flow Problem

Aluisio Cesar Dos Santos Junior (UnB), Francisco Damasceno Freitas (UnB) and Luis Filomeno de Jesus Fernandes(UnB))

Low-Impedance Busbar Differential Protection Modeling and Simulation Using ATP/EMTP

Alfredo Pianeta Escudero (UnB), Francis A. Moreno Vásquez (UnB), Kleber Melo E Silva (UnB) and Felipe Vigolvino Lopes (UnB)

12:50-02:30 pmLunch

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03:30-03:50 pm
Session on Communication Networks

Estimating the Error between Analytical and Numerical Finite Difference Solutions of Laplace Equation

Alcyone César Pereira Silva (IFB) and Leonardo Menezes (UnB)

A Root-CMA Algorithm for Multi-User Separation

Stanislaw Gorlow (Dolby Sweden AB), Joao Paulo Carvalho Lustosa Da Costa (UnB) and Martin Haardt (TU Ilmenau)

Antenna Array based Receivers for Third Generation Global Positioning System

Mateus Da Rosa Zanatta (UnB), Ricardo Kehrle Miranda (UnB), Joao Paulo Carvalho Lustosa Da Costa (UnB), Felix Antreich (UFC) and Daniel Valle Lima (UnB)

Tracking intruders in IoT networks by meas of DNS traffic analysis

Thales von Sperling (UnB), Francisco Lopes (UnB), Rafael Timóteo (UnB), Lucas Martins (UnB) and Rodrigo Lima (UnB)

03:50-04:10 pmCoffee Break

04:10-04:30 pm

04:30-04:50 pm

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05:30-05:50 pm
Session on Power Systems II

Traveling Wave-Based Fault Location Formulation for Hybrid Lines with Two-Sections

Eduardo Jorge Silva Leite Junior (UnB) and Felipe Lopes(UnB)

Using Current Traveling Waves to Implement Directional Elements in Parallel Lines

Fernando Marinho de Magalhães Jr (UnB), Bruno Carlos Ribeiro Monteiro (UnB) and Felipe Lopes(UnB)

Shift Parameter Sensitivity on the Computation of unstable Reduced Order Model via Truncated Balanced Method

Yussef G. I. Acle (UnB) and Francisco Damasceno Freitas(UnB)

On Compensating Synchronization Errors in Two-Terminal Based Fault Location Approaches

Jessica Rocha Gama (UnB) and Felipe Lopes(UnB)

CCVT Impact on the TD21 Function Security

Edson Custodio (UnB), Felipe Lopes(UnB) and João Paulo Ribeiro (UnB)

06:00 pmClosing Ceremony




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